IIHF World Juniors 2024 Finals

Dive into the excitement of the IIHF World Juniors 2024 Semifinals and Finals, featuring thrilling matchups like Sweden vs. Czechia and USA vs. Finland. Experience every check, goal, and victory in these unforgettable games.

Hockey enthusiasts and sports fans globally, get ready for an electrifying display of skill and passion as the IIHF World Juniors 2024 Semifinals and Finals approach. This prestigious event promises to showcase the best of young talent in the hockey world, with nations like Sweden, Czechia, the USA, and Finland battling for supremacy on the ice.

5th January 2024 (Finals)

MatchupTime (ET)Live Stream
Czechia vs. Finland – Bronze Medal Game9 AMWatch Live
Sweden vs. USA – Gold Medal Game1:30 PMWatch Live

2024 World Juniors Live Online Schedule

DateMatchupTime (ET)Live Stream
Tuesday, Dec. 26Slovakia vs. Czechia6 a.m.TSN/NHL Network
Finland vs. Canada8:30 a.m.TSN/NHL Network
USA vs. Norway11 a.m.TSN/NHL Network
Sweden vs. Latvia1:30 p.m.TSN/NHL Network
Wednesday, Dec. 27Slovakia vs. Switzerland6 a.m.TSN/NHL Network
Finland vs. Germany8:30 a.m.TSN/NHL Network
Norway vs. Czechia11 a.m.TSN/NHL Network
Latvia vs. Canada1:30 p.m.TSN/NHL Network
Thursday, Dec. 28Switzerland vs. USA11 a.m.TSN/NHL Network
Germany vs. Sweden1:30 p.m.TSN/NHL Network
Friday, Dec. 29Norway vs. Slovakia6 a.m.TSN/NHL Network
Latvia vs. Finland8:30 a.m.TSN/NHL Network
Czechia vs. USA11 a.m.TSN/NHL Network
Canada vs. Sweden1:30 p.m.TSN/NHL Network
Saturday, Dec. 30Switzerland vs. Norway11 a.m.TSN/NHL Network
Germany vs. Latvia1:30 p.m.TSN/NHL Network
Sunday, Dec. 31USA vs. Slovakia6 a.m.TSN/NHL Network
Sweden vs. Finland8:30 a.m.TSN/NHL Network
Czechia vs. Switzerland11 a.m.TSN/NHL Network
Canada vs. Germany1:30 p.m.TSN/NHL Network
Tuesday, Jan. 2Quarterfinal6 a.m.TSN/NHL Network
Quarterfinal8:30 a.m.TSN/NHL Network
Quarterfinal11 a.m.TSN/NHL Network
Quarterfinal1:30 p.m.TSN/NHL Network
Thursday, Jan. 4Relegation Game5 a.m.TSN/NHL Network
Semifinal9 a.m.TSN/NHL Network
Semifinal1:30 p.m.TSN/NHL Network
Friday, Jan. 5Bronze Medal Game9 a.m.TSN/NHL Network
Gold Medal Game1:30 p.m.TSN/NHL Network